Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Question

1) How can I follow up on my order?

2) What happen if the person you send the flower to is not home?

3) Where can I add special instruction about my order?

4) When my order will be delivered, and at what time of the day?

5) How to cancel an order already made?

6) How to modify your order?

7) How to know if has really received my order.

8) How to know if my order has been processed?

9) What is the delivery charge for an order?

10) What are the different methods of payment taken on MegFlowers?

11) How long can my flower last?

12) When can I get advice for my flowers?

13) What is the necessary information that you need for an order of flowers from a Hotel?

14) What is the necessary information that you need for an order of flowers from Hospital?

15) What is the guarantee of the flowers and services given by Meg Flowers?

16) Confidentiality of my order of flowers?

1) We are offering a delivery in 5 different countries in few hours.The delivery time may differ in each country, the delivery can be the same day or the day after depending in which country the delivery is going to, but we do not have a tracking system that always follows each order out of the country. see question 8.

2) Our affiliate florist tries to make the delivery and leaves a card that show that we bin there.Later on, the florist tries to reach the person for the next delivery time.If the florist finds it impossible to reach the addressee, you will be contact via telephone or e-mail.

3) If you have extra information about the flower delivery, such a second phone number, you can add it in the space reserved for this or send it via email at [email protected]

4) We do not guarantee any specific hours for the delivery.Our affiliate florist will deliver the flowers during regular operating hours.Hours may differ for each florist.If the flowers have to be delivering at a special hour, you can indicate this while processing the order if you prefer before noon or in the afternoon and our florist will do their best to respect that request.

5) If you have to cancel an order, please contact with us at 888-219-6922 with your reference number or you can write us at [email protected] it is important to tell us your order number.Please note that if your flower order has already been made, that will be impossible for us to cancel it.

6) If you want to change the time of the delivery of your flowers, you can inform us via email at [email protected]. It is important to tell us your order number.Please note that all modification has to be made before the date of the delivery.

7) Meg Flowers has recorded your order by the time you receive your confirmation number.Keep your confirmation number for future question.

8) Meg Flowers guarantee that each delivery will be made inside operating hours of our local florist.If for any reason, the order of flowers can't be delivered; our client services will get in touch with you as soon as our local florist tell us that the delivery can't be made.In the absence of a call or e-mail from us, be assured that the delivery has been made with the freshness and the quality that only Meg Flowers offered.

9) The delivery charges depends where your order goes.  Prices start at 4.50 and can be higher if delivered to further places.   Price may change if the location is far from a local florist.

10) For the moment, Meg Flowers accept credit card such Visa, MasterCard,American Express.

11) To conserve your flower fresh, change or add water every day.If possible, cut the end of the flower as soon as you can.Keep your flowers at a cool temperature and don’t let your flowers exposed directly to the sunshine.This particular care will help to keep your flowers for more than 5 days depending the type of the flower’s type.

12) Our operating hours are the following: Monday to Friday between 8:00am and 5:00pm.  Saturday between 8:00am and 5:00pm.  Sunday between 9:00am and 16:30pm.  For any assistance, you can reach us at 888-219-6922. That will be our pleasure to answer all your questions.

13) Indicate the name of the hotel, the address, the room number, the name of the addressee and if possible, a telephone number.

14) Indicate the name of the hospital, the address, the number of the room and the number of the addressee.Please note that several hospital forbid flowers at the emergency room.In that case, we will stay in touch with the personal of the hospital to deliver the flowers whenever the patient will be authorized to receive flowers.

15) With more than 3 generation of experience, our reputation is entirely due to our high standard of quality and services given to our customer.

16) In our engagement of confidentiality, Meg Flowers considers it very important to secure the personnel information that is given to us.For this reason, we are using the technology SSL 128 bits to be sure that all information is secured.You can verify that the encrypted protocol is activated in the right inside corner of your screen by seeing a lock (SSL Sign) that proof that everything is well secured.All the information received on the web site is used to complete the delivery and we promise to not give out any of this information.