The Affection Casket Spray
$533.95 $464.95

Lavender and purple casket spray of roses, carnations, liatris, snap dragons and assorted fillers...

The Deeply Adored Casket Spray
$544.95 $474.95

Roses and orchids to say goodbye to the person for whom you feel a deep love...

The Immorta Casket Spray
$315.95 $275.95

Casket spray of carnations, pompons, liatris, and filler flowers in lavenders and purples...

The Lovliness Casket Spray
$467.95 $407.95

Lavender roses and orchids are among the many glorious blooms used to create this casket spray to co..

The Peaceful Tribute Casket Spray
$431.95 $376.95

This design is a delicate mix of roses in pastel shades. Appropriate to display on a casket...

The Red Splendor Casket Spray
$399.95 $348.95

Casket spray in all shades of red carnations, roses, gladiolus and lilies with emerald fern...

The Ressurection Casket Spray
$377.95 $329.95

Resplendent with roses, tulips, orchids, and lilies, this spray is an elegant and sophisticated disp..

The Sincerity Casket Spray
$251.95 $219.95

A traditional type casket spray of red and white carnations and white pompons with filler...

The Solace Casket Spray
$292.95 $255.95

Red carnations, rust colored alstromeria and burgundy asters make up this casket spray...

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